Candida Balanitis Causes and Treatment Methods

by admin on May 21, 2012

Candida Balanitis is a serious inflammation of the end of a man’s penis. This condition can occur at any age, but it usually affects boys under four years or men who have never been circumcised. This inflammatory disease occurs at about 2.5% of all boys under four and at 2% of all uncircumcised men.

Candida Balanitis Treatment- Causes and Symptoms

There are many causes that can produce this serious inflammation, causes you should be aware of in order to know how to avoid contracting Balanitis. The most common are: Candida Balanitis

- A poor hygiene: when this condition is combined with an extremely tight foreskin, you might experience an irritation by smegma. This cheesy-like substance, called smegma, is formed usually under the foreskin if the glans is not cleaned. A poor hygiene is probably the most common cause of this inflammatory disease.

- Infection: you need to pay attention at the various germs that live on your skin. One of the most common nowadays is the candida. This germ is the same that causes another serious condition in women: vaginal thrush. There is a small number of candida that live on your skin, therefore you need to watch out for the following: not to have an infection, diabetes or phimosis. These three conditions can easily encourage germs to multiply and to cause a serious infection.

- Sexually transmitted infection: you need to be protected, especially when you want to have sex with somebody you barely know. This is a must if you want to avoid contracting Balanitis.

- Irritants: the skin of the glans is extremely sensitive and can easily react to external stimulus, becoming inflamed. What to do in this case? Try to wash under your foreskin at least twice a week, use only special soaps to clean your penis, don’t use spermicide and condoms too often and also watch out for poor-quality fabric conditioners or washing powders.

The most common symptoms of this infections include penis irritation, redness, and also soreness at the end of your penis. You might also experience some pain when passing urine.

Best Candida Balanitis Treatment Methods

The following treatments are recommended regardless of the cause of the Balanitis:

- Use lukewarm water for cleaning your penis and then always dry it gently.
- Use salt baths treatment.
- Avoid using a soap when the inflammation is active. Instead of the common soap, use an ointment or a moisturizer cream.
- Pat the foreskin and the penis head with a soft towel.
- Consider circumcision: this might sound scary, still it is the best method to prevent a recurrent infection.
- Drink plenty of water: an easy-to-follow step.

There are additional treatments that depend on the real cause of the balanitis. In this case, when balanitis is caused by candida, anti-yeast tablets combined with a modern anti-yeast cream are the best options. Moreover, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy weight and to have a healthy diet. A diet that is high in carbohydrates and sugars will most likely feed the candida cells, giving them the energy to survive. The best thing you can do to stop Candida Balanitis from spreading is to eat organic foods, full of active enzymes and very high in minerals and vitamins.

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