Medical and natural treatments for Candida

by admin on May 21, 2012

Candida is a type of yeast that is normally found in small numbers in the human body and their negative effect to health is controlled by other bacteria and the immune system. When the balance between Candida and the immune system and bacteria is disrupted, then symptoms of Candida may start developing hence need for treatment. Candida treatments may include both natural cures/home remedies, over the counter treatments and other treatments as they may be prescribed by the health care provider. They may include the following:-

Over the counter Candida treatments

These are remedies or drugs or creams that are bought from a pharmacist or chemist/drug store for use at home in treating Candida. These may include: miconazole, butoconazole, clotrimazole among others which may be appropriate for use. They are usually massaged on the areas for instance the vagina if affected for a duration of about one week and this will be dependent on the nature of the formulation of the cream/drug/pills. Care must be observed when using these remedies as some may be accompanied with irritations of the areas surrounding those affected with Candida. For women who are pregnant, it is advisable to seek medical advice as over the counter treatments may have side effects which may be adverse.treatments for Candida

Natural Remedies
These are cures that can be used at home in order to cure or treat Candida. They include:-

This is a type of bacteria which has shown great benefits when it comes to treating the symptoms of Candida. This is an acid producing bacteria which therefore means that when in the intestinal tract, it will make it more acidic. This will have an effect on Candida manifestation as it will discourage their growth and even kill them through the hydrogen peroxide that they produce. Acidophillus bacteria are also important as they help in restoring the microbial balance which existed before disruption which is very important in treating the symptoms of Candida.

Enteric-coated garlic
Garlic is one of the most common home remedies that has been used for long in curing/treating and alleviating many symptoms and illnesses. They are very effective when it comes to Candida treatments. This is because garlic is rich in anti-fungal and other anti-microbial properties which makes it effective in treating Candida. They are made in form of capsules coated with enteric which makes them easy to use. For better results it is recommended that the capsules are taken twice in a day.

Fiber is a complex carbohydrate which can be used in the treatment of Candida at home. This is usually prepared by taking some parts of soluble fiber containing guar gum or pectin and then dissolving it water before taking it. The fiber has the potential of clearing the symptoms associated with Candida in a duration of three two four weeks by restoring the bacteria balance to normal in the body. This is supposed to be taken twice a day in an empty stomach for better results.

Medical treatments
These are medications prescribed by a doctor in treating Candida and they are discussed before use in order to ascertain those that are best for an individual. For example polyene anti-fungals such as Nystatin, amphotericin B among others which kill Candida when used.

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