What Do You Need To Know About Balanitis

by admin on May 21, 2012

Hello men out there! It has been a hectic day and you are relaxing in your home. All day you had a weird feeling of discomfort and it is still persisting. You go to bed and wake up the next day. You still feel worse and decide to take a visit to your doctor’s office and you undergo examination. Upon completion up the examination, you find out that you have balanitis. Shock comes upon and you go through a whole session with your doctor about what balanitis is. Treatment for balanitis and causes of balanitis are also discussed during your visit.

1) What is Balanitis?

Well let’s put it this way. If you have balanitis, it basically means that the penis is inflamed or irritated. Men who are uncircumcised are more at risk for balanitis than men who are circumcised. What are some of the symptoms that are most common of this problem? The one main symptom is of course any kind of inflammation in the area that is affected and other symptoms include foreskin that is pretty painful, discharge that has a pretty mean smell, any kind foreskin inflammation, and any other rash. If you have any of these symptoms, please talk to your doctor.Candidas Balanitis

2) Causes of Balanitis:

What are some of the causes of balanitis? There is no definitive cause of balanitis because there are many possible causes. Some include trauma to the area in any way, any kind of infection that is untreated which can include STDS, viruses, and bacteria. Substances can even possibly cause balanitis depending on the contents. Treatment for balanitis depends on the cause of the infection for you personally. Each cause has a different treatment available. All treatments will definitely be discussed between you and your doctor. Discuss all the options and see which one will be most effective for you.

3) Treatment of Balanitis:

As said there are many courses of treatment available for balanitis. Some treatments include a full course of antibiotics, certain steroids and specifically topical steroids (Use caution in regards to the steroids since this is considered to be one of the causes of steroid abuse), and even anti-fungal medication if fungus was the cause of the balanitis. Certain compresses may also be required. The last option or definitely the treatment to look at if none of the above treatments work for you is circumcision. Again circumcision should be look at only if other treatments have no effect on the balanitis in any way. See which one will work out for your case and go from there.

So what is to say in conclusion? Basically if you do not want to worry about balanitis in any way or if you want to prevent yourself from getting it, here are a few possible things that you can do. Proper hygiene for one is considered the number one way to prevent balanitis. Make sure the penis is always properly dried and always wash correctly. Make sure the foreskin is always cleaned underneath. This is a good way to prevent infection.Make sure no trauma occurs and always wear the right clothing for the area that could undergo infection. These and other steps will increase the prevention of you getting balanitis. It makes your life easier and much more comfortable.

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